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Blog Tour!

Join Shannon Baker and me for laughs, free book giveaways, and WISDOM on our Third Annual Double-booked Blog Tour!
August 3-September 26, 2018
August 3: "Better as a Duet" on Career Authors
August 23: "Two Middle-aged Introverts Write a Sex Scene" on Criminal Minds
August 26: "Write What You Fear" on Writer Unboxed
August 27: "The Five Stages of Author Grief" on BOLO Books
August 29: "Tools and Tricks that Changed the Game" on Femmes Fatales
August 31: "Write a Great Scene" on Fiction University
September 2: “Author Interview” here, on my own blog!
September 4: "The Unexpected Places Authors Get Their Ideas" on Wicked Cozy Authors
September 8: "A Day in the Life of Our Characters" on Dru’s Book Musings
September 11: "Your Theme Is Your Brand" on Write Now! Coach
September 13: "Most Embarrassing Author Moment" on Jungle Red Writers
September 15: "Create an Author Persona" on The Creative Penn

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