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April Fools

Releases Winter 2019

Battle Lake is finally peaceful.

Kennie Rogers and Bad Brad are dating. Mrs. Berns has been elected mayor and Police Chief Gary Wohnt has been presented with the biggest case of his life, one that could guarantee he’s elected sheriff next fall. Best yet, Mira and Johnny are moving in together—in Minneapolis. Mira has a job and a life all lined up. All that’s left to do before she leaves Battle Lake is get the library in order.

While going through old books to decide if they should be discarded, she finds a clue that could lead to solving a 30-year-old murder. Against all her instincts, she follows the trail and is horrified to discover that it leads to her father, who died in a car accident 13 years earlier. As Mrs. Berns and Mira take on their final case together, Mira discovers it is more personal than she could have imagined, and that she holds the fates of Battle Lake--including her dearest friends--in her hands.