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Salem's Cipher

First in the Witch Hunt Series

Release Date: September 8, 2016

Following hidden messages from Emily Dickinson, hunted by the FBI and a serial killer, agoraphobic cryptanalyst Salem Wiley must break the famously uncrackable Beale Cipher to save Democratic Presidential candidate Gina Hayes from assassination at the hands of the an ancient organization.

Salem Wiley is a genius cryptanalyst, courted by the world’s top security agencies ever since her quantum computing breakthrough. She’s also an agoraphobe shackled to a narrow routine since her father’s suicide. When her intelligence work unexpectedly exposes a sinister plot to assassinate the country's first viable female presidential candidate, Salem finds herself both target and detective in a modern day witch hunt. Drawn into a labyrinth of messages encrypted by Emily Dickinson and codes tucked inside the Beale Cipher a hundred years earlier, Salem begins to uncover the truth: an ancient and ruthless group is hell-bent on ruling the world, and only a select group of women stands in its way.

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"The fascinating historical information combined with a story line ripped from the headlines will hook conspiracy theorists and action addicts alike."
Kirkus Reviews

"This suspenseful tale has something for absolutely everyone to enjoy."
―Suspense Magazine

"Troubled, razor-sharp Salem is truly a heroine to cheer for. I'd follow her anywhere."
Alison Gaylin, USA Today bestselling author