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Lourey Baker Double-booked Blog Tour II

September 2-October 12, 2017
September 2: How Long Before the Next Novel?
September 5: Choose Your Genre, Change Your World
September 7: Revolutionize Your Writing with These Four Editing Hacks
September 12: Cozies v Thrillers
September 19: Writers Talk Money
September 20: Best Writing Books
September 22: Professional Jealousy, and the Writing/Life Balance
September 24: Writer Unboxed
September 25: Dru’s Book Musings
September 27: Do Some Damage
October 3: Terry Ambrose
October 12: Jungle Red Writers
A blog tour! Travel with us for writing and marketing tips, book giveaways, laughter, and stories.

Latest Release

Based on the process Lourey developed and field-tested in the wake of her husband’s suicide, Rewrite Your Life is devoted to the practice of discovering, healing, and evolving through fiction writing. It combines research, practical and engaging guidance, and personal experience to meet readers where they are and take their creativity and personal growth to the next level.

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