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Workshops & Online Courses

Jessica Lourey, MA, MS, has been a tenured professor of English and sociology since 1998 and is a recipient of The Loft's Excellence in Teaching Fellowship as well as a TEDx presenter. She leads interactive, empowering creative writing workshops and retreats all over the world. The following is a sample of her most popular presentations as well as a link to her online courses. If you are interested in scheduling an event or have questions about her online courses or retreats, please email her at

Online Courses

  Rewrite Your Life


  Creative Writing Retreats


  Write & Publish Your Novel This Year (Full-day)

  Fact Into Fiction: Transform Your Life Experiences into a Bestselling Novel (Full-day)

  Successful Indie Publishing (Half or Full-day)

  The Game-changing Story Box

  How to Write a Novel in 7 Steps

  Revolutionize Your Writing with These Easy Editing Hacks

  Market Your Book

  Use Deep POV to Draw in the Reader

  Make 'Em Laugh

  Overcoming Writer’s Block

  The World of Young Adult Literature

  A Writer's Journey

  Keynote Speeches/Creativity/Writing to Heal