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Indie Publishing: Control Your Writing Career (Half or Full-day)

This half or full-day workshop is directed at writers in any genre and of any age and skill level.

Whether you’re in the middle of penning your first manuscript, you have a short story, novella, or novel you couldn't sell through traditional channels, or your backlist rights have reverted, learning to successfully indie publish (publish outside traditional channels) and market your work can set you free. Join multi-genre hybrid author and creative writing professor Jessica Lourey as she guides participants through this exciting (and sometimes stressful) process. Topics covered include layout, cover design, sales channels (for the half-day workshop), and marketing (for the full-day workshop). If you have one, bring a laptop and a short description (back cover copy length) of the project you’d like to focus on.

(This session is directed at writers at any level and in any genre, and it runs from 3-8 hours spread across one or more days based on your need. AV equipment—screen, wireless projector or projector with USB adapter on other end of cord—required.)

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