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Writing a Book: From Idea to ISBN (Full-day)

This all-day workshop is directed primarily at writers in any genre and of any age and skill level.

Join multi-genre author and creative writing professor Jessica Lourey as she guides participants through a foolproof and exciting seven-step process for turning an idea into a novel. Topics covered in this full-day workshop include: writing memorable characters, building a page-turning plot, creating cinematic, multi-purpose settings, crafting a scene, editing effectively, and finding an agent or self-publishing. The workshop will be a mixture of lecture, in-class activities, and writing, with time for questions. Bring your ideas as well as something to write with and on. (This session is directed at writers at any level and in any genre, and it runs from 6-8 hours spread across one or more days based on your need. AV equipment—screen, wireless projector or projector with USB adapter on other end of cord—required.)

From Idea to ISBN can be modified into any one of these 50-minute, standalone workshops:

From Idea to ISBN: Selecting a Novel-Worthy Idea
Using the unique starting point of accessing the recurring themes in your life to produce dynamic fiction, this workshop covers:

  • a simple yet powerful model for sifting through your crucible moments to select the one robust enough to sustain a novel
  • how to strengthen this novel idea, including adding depth as well as subplots to your existing idea
  • the “Use Your Good Stuff Now; Your Brain Will Make More,” and “Write to One Person” rules of writing and life
  • a plan for discovering and refining your writer’s voice
  • examples of how successful writers transformed their defining moments into the seeds of bestselling fiction.

This session is directed at writers at any level and in any genre. Bring your pen, paper, and ideas.

From Idea to ISBN: How to Write a Novel in 7 Steps
You've got that golden idea for a book, the one that won't let you go, that embellishes itself as you walk around your day. How do you turn that good idea into a great novel, and what do you do with it after you write it? Join author of thirteen books and college writing instructor Jessica Lourey for the answers. Participants will be shown how to go from idea to completed novel in seven steps and receive detailed information on cracking the world of publishing. This seminar has been taught by Jessica from New York City to San Francisco, and now it's coming to your neck of the woods!

From Idea to ISBN: Crafting Compelling Characters
From Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple to William Goldman's Inigo Montoya, character is arguably the most memorable element of a novel. How do you create a full-realized unique protagonist that leaps from the page? How should you develop secondary characters as well as the protagonist’s nemesis? This class will challenge you to eliminate cardboard characterizations and create something new and fresh.

From Idea to ISBN: Plot
Since Aristotle, the three-act structure for storytelling has reigned supreme, but does it still hold true for modern writers? Is it the best way, or the only way, to tell your tale? Is plotting simply sequencing your scenes or is there more to it? This class will teach you the art of plotting so your manuscript will attract the attention it deserves.

From Idea to ISBN: Setting
“I guess God made Boston on a wet Sunday,” Raymond Chandler once said, and this seemingly tossed-off remark has much to teach us about the gentle arts of setting and description. This class will guide you through the process and potential pitfalls of choosing a setting, and explore the ways in which descriptive passages can be honed to illuminate characters and themes.

From Idea to ISBN: Editing
This workshop covers meta editing (“re-seeing” your work to deepen and strengthen the writing) as well as nuts and bolts line editing, including introducing the ARISE (action, romance and humor, information, suspense, and emotion) method for evaluating the strength of your scenes. In addition, author and writing professor Jess Lourey covers the importance of:

  • reading your work out loud to evaluate grammar, consistency, voice, and word choice
  • ending each chapter with a hook regardless of genre
  • replacing dialogue tags with movement
  • suggestions for corralling beta readers and a discussion of whether or not to hire a professional freelance editor and how to select one if you choose that route.

This session is directed at writers at any level and in any genre. Bring your pen, paper, and ideas.

From Idea to ISBN: Publishing
Millions of books are published each year. Want yours to be one of those, or are you simply curious as to how a manuscript becomes a published book? Join creative writing professor Jessica Lourey, author of twelve traditionally-published novels and three self-published ones, for insight into the process. This presentation covers snap-, self-, and traditional publishing, and attendees will leave with a handout of publishing suggestions and resources. This session is directed at fiction and nonfiction writers with a completed manuscript as well anyone curious about how a book becomes published.

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