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Leave My Book Alone!

Starring Claudette, a Dragon with Control Issues

Remember the itch to draw inside your books as a child? It's time to celebrate that forbidden fun with the first and only “you better not color in here!” interactive picture book. Perfect for ages 2-8.

Claudette the dragon knows what's best for everyone: what food they should eat, what clothes they should wear, and even where they can color. You know what else? She's not afraid to tell them. Being bossy makes her feel safe and smart, two of her favorite things. But what happens when she realizes she’s not in charge of anyone but herself?

Have your crayons ready so you can help her to find out!

Leave My Book Alone! makes a wonderful gift. It's sure to become a family favorite for fans of Skippyjon Jones, the Bad Seed, and Olivia the Pig.

PSSST! Person buying the book: If you let a child draw inside the pages against Claudette’s commands, it becomes a sweet snapshot of their interests and abilities, one that can be added to several times. If you own the digital version, or, like Claudette, have control issues (it’s okay! we’re all a work in progress), your little reader can draw on paper instead. In either case, have markers, colored pencils, or crayons at the ready as this book is meant to be a one-of-a kind, interactive giggle-fest centered in kindness and compassion.