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The Catalain Book of Secrets

Faith Falls is a snug little Minnesota town constructed over a mystery, a place where the most impressive building is a gorgeous Queen Anne with turrets, cantilevered gables, and a wraparound porch. In a concealed room beneath the twisting stairs of the Queen Anne lies the Catalain Book of Secrets, the repository of the wisdom the Catalain women have gathered since the beginning of time.

Ursula Catalain, current keeper of the Book of Secrets, is content to concoct spells in her garden cottage until the ghost of the man she murdered appears at her door in a new form. His return pulls Jasmine, Ursula's daughter, back into the fold. Once the most powerful of the Catalains, Jasmine foreswore her gift to bury a shameful secret.

The ghost of the murdered man also calls home Katrine, Jasmine's sister, who's been banished for fourteen years. Finally able to return to Faith Falls and the beloved Queen Anne, Katrine must claim the Catalain power she's spent her whole life running from if she is to save her mother and sister from the murdered man’s curse.

Told in a majestic mosaic of strong women's voices, The Catalain Book of Secrets weaves together alchemy, hope, tragedy, and true love to spin a tale in the style of Garden Spells, The Lost Apothecary, and Practical Magic.

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“[P]icks you up and sweeps you away until you're completely intoxicated by its magic. Life-affirming, thought-provoking, heart-warming, it’s one of those books which—if you happen to read it exactly when you need to—might heal your wounds as you turn the pages.”
—Catriona McPherson, Agatha, Macavity, Anthony, and Bruce Alexander-winning author of The Day She Died