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December Dread

8th in the Mira James Romcom Mysteries

With Christmas just over a week away, ’tis the season for grinning sales elves on TV, maddeningly jolly Muzak, and a guilty Nut Goodie addiction.

But for Mira James and other Battle Lake-area women, the holidays are marred by something far worse—a serial killer leaving candy canes as his calling card. His target? Thirty-something brunettes who look just like Mira.

When a woman from her high school graduating class becomes his latest victim, Mira plows through a case of online dating turned deadly with Mrs. Berns at her side. Will she earn her detective stripes . . . or end up deader than the Ghost of Christmas Past? 

*Shortlisted for Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery

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“Lourey, who keeps her secrets well, delivers a breathtaking finale.”

Publishers Weekly