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September Mourn

5th Murder by Month Mystery

A festive fairground becomes an unexpected backdrop for a grade A murder in a deliciously funny mystery by Edgar Award–nominated author Jess Lourey.

The Minnesota State Fair wows again with 4-H exhibits, rides, a Neil Diamond concert, and deep-fried everything on a stick. Covering it is a breezy assignment as fluffy as cotton candy for reporter Mira James, until the main attraction becomes murder.

Ashley Pederson, crowned Milkfed Mary, Queen of the Dairy, is getting her all-American likeness carved in a block of unsalted butter when she drops dead, her face as red as a stoplight. Cause: malicious poisoning. Despite Ashley’s creamy good looks, her reputation was pretty rancid. Still, who’d want to take out the soon-to-be college freshman and Battle Lake resident? Mira’s made a vow to the dairy darling’s grieving mother to find out.

Amid queenly competitors, rumors of sordid love affairs and embezzlement scandals, small-town secrets, and big business cover-ups, can Mira find the murderer on the Midway? You bet your corn dog she can.

Mira James/Battle Lake swag:
-Unisex t-shirt
-Women's t-shirt

"...murder, mayhem, and merriment!"

Booklist, starred review