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A Whisper of Poison

Out February 6, 2025

I’m the one everyone trusts. That was their first mistake. Their second was killing my brother.

Seventeen-year-old Rose Allgood lives in the enclosed paradise of Noah’s Valley, protected from the brutal chaos of the outside world by a massive white wall. Those within are born knowing their place, their career, and their spouse. There is no stress because there are no choices.

Gryphon is quick, he is beautiful, and he wishes every day he wasn’t bound to Rose. They were childhood best friends until an insurmountable wedge drove them apart. Despite this, he and Rose accept the engagement because they’ve been taught since birth to trust the system.

Until Rose’s brother is illegally chosen for a body harvest, and she’s forced on a harrowing journey within the wall. She’s unsure if Gryphon is working with or against her as she uncovers the startling truth of the system they’ve sworn allegiance to. Those in power are confident she won’t make trouble no matter what she finds.

They don’t know Rose.